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Focuse on solving food safety problems related to people's livelihood with electronics and information technology.

Brand Story

Non-toxic vegetables and fruits?

"A Brief History of Time" records that the earliest record of the use of pesticides in human civilization can be traced back to ancient Greece over 1,000 BC. To achieve balance in all aspects of the economic scale, physical health, and ecological balance, whether to apply pesticides during the growth of crops has always been an issue that cannot be answered correctly. Even with the development of life science and biochemical technology, most consumers can only rely on the organizations that they believe are credible for the fruits and vegetables they eat. At the same time, it must pay a higher price. However, is this a cycle where consumers can never escape?

Vegetables and fruits washed clean every time?

According to the 2015 USDA report, up to 85% of the fruits and vegetables in the end market have been tested for pesticide residues. But this 85% of fruits and vegetables eaten by consumers. Regardless of whether the harm of pesticides is immediate or only after years of accumulation, its irreversible harm to the human body is beyond doubt! Is there a solution that allows consumers to "clean effectively" and "judgment that can be verified" is enough to ensure the cleanliness of the surface of vegetables and fruits to reduce the harm of pesticides, so that consumers can eat more health and environmental protection are our long-cherished goals.

Design-driven technology to provide a solution

The idea of our product exclusively uses the patented optical technology transferred from the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute). It uses non-destructive methods to measure pesticide substances in real-time, with short measurement time and high accuracy, and also overcome the noise in the atmospheric environment, it successfully reached the detection accuracy of the instrument level in the laboratory. Entering every family can ensure the cleanliness of vegetables and fruits at a low price, the size of the handheld, the most streamlined steps, and timesaving. In the foreseeable future, based on this technology, we will continue to innovate and establish a true "win-win" model for consumers, farmers, and vegetable and fruit distributors.

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Wamore Technology, founded in 2018, focuses on solving food safety problems related to people's livelihood with electronics and information technology.

Core Technology

Using optical sensing as the basis for the design of the detection system has the advantages of non-destructive, short measurement time, and high accuracy. The optical detection technology of the ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) uses spectral methods to distinguish the concentration of residual pesticides in water and applies for many patents in Taiwan and worldwide. It does not need complex qualitative and quantitative analysis and therefore can quickly and accurately obtain results, which makes it possible for pesticide residue detection technology to be applied to the general public's home environment.

core technology
core technology

Products & Services

We cooperate with the ITRI, a pioneer in science and advanced technology in Taiwan, and successfully developed a new generation of pesticide residues at a low cost. The product named "Fluid Scanner" provides end-users a solution for pesticide detection on the surface of vegetables and fruits. We provide design and production services for optical sensing module for pesticide detection.